Saturday, November 20

Updates and Personal News

  • This week I finished my exams for final year law! I'm so pleased that's done! I haven't completely decided what I am going to do next, but Business School looks very likely! 
  • Next Saturday is the Fur Free SA fur demo. See you there? 
  • This cute pig was rescued by CLAW and is now happy in his new home!


  1. Isn't he adorable? They named him Bailey. He looks so happy! :-)

  2. Nunu!!! Matthew desperatly wants a miniture piggy, but we just cant at the moment because we are staying in such a small place :(
    I love lil piggys :)

  3. Lol! Good Luck with that! When are we going for animal-friendly, vegan dinner?

  4. Soon hopefully...mmmm...when suits you?