Wednesday, November 10

Happy Tortoise Story

The following is a guest post from Kate Townshend. 
This afternoon the Johannesburg Water Department rang the doorbell to ask whether I have a strange pet which runs like *this* because it went into the plants and they think I must fetch it and take it back inside. Turned out to be a tortoise who was in the garden on our pavement. How bizarre! Anyway, Tortoise is now at FreeMe and will be released next week to go and enjoy the life she was supposed to have. Till then it is fine dining and some relaxation time at FreeMe

You can donate to this fantastic organisation here


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  2. Hi Jesse

    I have gone to your site but i didn't see any animal activism?

    Sarah and i are both activist and i'm curious as to how you fit in to all this...

    Are you Vegan?
    Have you done any animal rights work?

    I'm interested?

    Kindness and Hope