Tuesday, November 9

Update on Fur Free Demo plans for 27 November

The good people at Fur Free SA have been hard at work planning the Fur Demo in Johannesburg on 27 November.  Here's an exciting update: Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield are attending to help take a stand against the cruelty of the fur industry. Someone named Jason Greer will also be there. 

Email Tricia for more information, or to sign up (and give her a few days to get back to you.) They really need all the volunteers they can get! 

"Just because everybody does it doesn't mean it's right, and it takes more strength to defend the weak against the masses than be part of the masses that pick on the weak." -Steve Nash

Please do come, and bring your friends and family! If you need to inspire them, there is more information here. See you there? 


  1. haha, Jason Greer is a tv personality... you will recognise him http://www.jasongreer.co.za/images/JG%20Albums/Press_Photos/index.htm
    see you at the protest :)