Saturday, November 20

A Rant

This is a travesty. According to News24 a fifteen year old girl was brutally gang raped at school - a place where she is supposed to feel safe - by some of her classmates. The other students did not try to intervene, but rather filmed the attack on their cellphones. 

The police initially did not make any arrests because the students were writing exams. Then they said they did not have evidence it was rape. In the end, they decided to charge the attackers with statutory rape (sex with a minor under 16). Now, this young victim is also being charged with statutory rape, because one of her attackers was only 14!

I am so appalled. Are women going to come forward to report rape when they think they risk being charged too? 

The following organisations which support rape victims really need your support:
People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)
Rape Crisis Cape Town 

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