Wednesday, November 3

5 Easy Ways to Help Animals Today...or any day

  1. Sign up to join a protest - even if it's your first one! Fur Free SA is holding a demo on 27 November in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. It will be legal, and fun! You can email Anneke for more information.
  2. Put an Animal Rights bumper sticker on your car, laptop, dustbin or diary! Leave your postal address as a comment, or email me and I shall send you some for free.
  3. Join an Animal Rights group like Fur Free SA or Beauty Without Cruelty and a facebook group like Spread the Word or Animal Rights South Africa.
  4. Try Veg for a day! Support Meat Free Monday next week. If you sign up here, you could win some amazing prizes. To make your life easier, try the Steers Veggie Burger or the Kauai Veggie Wrap. They're both from Fry's Vegetarian.
  5. Sign the Petition against KFC

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