Thursday, November 25

Happy Fur Free Friday!

It's a fun week full of good karma when you have a Meat Free Monday and a Fur Free Friday! Well, Fur Free Saturday in our case! This Saturday Fur Free SA is going to put on a huge demonstration in Johannesburg. 

Now, I'm NOT going to show you a bunch of awful pictures that will turn your stomach. But they would turn your stomach. The fur industry vaginally and anally electrocutes foxes and chinchillas, clubs seals, and skins dogs alive. It is truly awful, and completely unnecessary. 

Please go Fur Free, for good! You can pledge to stay Fur Free, here. 

Fur is dead. And while we're on the topic, so is leather

"Leather" is just another word for skin. The skins industry supplements the meat industry, it is not a by-product. This means that the animals you wear were not "dead anyway". Leather is a reason for factory farming. Tens of millions of cows and pigs are stunned, hung upside down and bled to death for their skin. This happens after they are raised in very confined quarters (where they don't see the sun and live in their own feces) and transported for hours in hot trucks.

Leather is bad for the environment. Not only is modern-day farming unsustainable, but the treatment and preparation of skin involves large amounts of chemicals that pollute the environment

Leather is not glamorous. Go Leather Free

PETA's really fun "Cruelty Doesn't Fly" video featuring Pamela Anderson is here. There's nothing upsetting in it, and it's really worth watching! Enjoy!