Saturday, November 27

Fur Free SA Demo November 2010

Congratulations to Fur Free SA for a fantastic fur free demo today! The protest featured activists in cages, scantily-clad protesters in red body paint, and a visit by Jeremy Mansfield. The turnout was very impressive, and a lot of press showed up to see!  

The protest drew attention to the cruel fur trade, and coincided with protests all around the world.

Lucy Elizabeth resting after her first demo. 
I took Lucy Elizabeth along, in her handmade "Spare Me, Don't Wear Me" tshirt and her "Pure Rescue" collar. She had a wonderful time! Everyone wanted to pet her, including Jeremy Mansfield, and she loved all the attention! 

Please let us know if you see anything about the protest in the news! 

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  1. She's so super soft! Who wouldn't want to pet her :)