Tuesday, December 14

News and Updates

  • This morning Ashley from PETA Asia and I were on Chai FM to talk about our anti-circus campaign. I am so grateful for the opportunity to talk to the public about what really happens to animals who are victims of the entertainment industry.
  • After the interview I went into a nearby shop, where someone saw my PETA tshirt and gave me her contact information so that I can let her know about our next campaign! It's always so fun to meet another activist and vegan.
  • This evening five activists and I leafleted outside the circus so that circus goers know what really goes on! I got to meet some really wonderful people, and we had a very positive response from the public. One of the activists - a first-timer - commented that doing this kind of work "really feeds your soul". I completely agree!
  • I am tabling at the Bryanston Organic Market this Saturday. Come along to get some literature and free stickers, or just to say hi! 
  • Email me if you would like to get involved in work we do in the future. 
  • I just found a really fun game: Super Chick Sisters! No need to ask what I'm doing with the rest of my evening.
  • Have a look at this amazing anti-fur march in Tokyo.
  • PETA has written a letter to Santa.

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