Friday, December 17

Goodbye to the Circus

After two weeks of leafleting and holding signs outside the circus, the craziness is winding down. There are only five circus shows left - and we will have them all covered! While I'm so relieved that the demo is behind me, and most of the leafleting too, I think I'm mostly pleased that I won't have to drive past the circus every time I go to Fourways. It hurts my heart every time I see it, and think about those poor animals
The demo made photo of the day in a German newspaper.
While I'm relieved that it'll be over soon, I'm also keenly aware that it is never over for the animals. On Monday they will load the animals into hot trailers and truck them for hours to their next destination. Then the animals will have to perform complicated tricks twice a day, under the constant threat of punishment. For them, it really never ends

For me? I am tabling at the Bryanston Organic Market tomorrow, so stop by to say hello!

To find out more about future campaigns, please email me so we can add you to our activist network. 

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  1. Boy have i missed so much stuff, including the circus protest...arg...after being rushed into hospital my activiwsm was cut to a halt although i did talk to people in the hospital about animal cruelty and i hope that helps.


    Sorry we never had our christmas party...Matthew got ill and it was me cooling him down with ice packs for his fever...wasn't fun at all.

    I'm back with avengance so update me if there are anything happening that i can take part in...i feel useless at the moment since i've been out of the game for 4 weeks now!!!

    You better update your blog's time to inform society again.

    I hope you had an awesome christmas and a brilliant new year...

    Get hold of me!

    Kindness and Hope