Wednesday, December 1

The First of December

I have had some really fun experiences today and I just have to share them.  

First, I went to the Johannesburg Metro Police Department to tell them about next week's circus demo. (Email me for more info.) The first thing they asked was whether the last demo was a success - actually, whether we "won"! I thought this was very sweet! They also told me they would come to protect us from the circus people

While at JMPD, I was approached by representatives of the Golden Triangle Community Crisis Committee (Golcom). They were there to apply for a permit to protest about their right to housing, but wanted to talk to me about PETA. They have concerns about the dogs in their community, who are chained and caged for long periods. It always warms my heart when people who are living in shelters they have built themselves, with no electricity, reach out for help for mistreated dogs! They told me their own dogs sleep indoors, and they don't like to see dogs left outside

I contacted Community Led Animal Welfare, and received a positive response right away! Cora Bailey agreed to speak at the Golcom Community Meeting this Sunday, and take a team into the community next week to help them with their dogs. Please consider donating to CLAW to help with their fantastic work! 

I came home to discover that a friend had dropped off a whole bunch of toys for the stall I am hosting at the CLAW Christmas Carnival (an event that ensures 600 underprivileged children have a fun Christmas!). When I went to yoga, more toys had been collected for the carnival! 

Oh, and I also got to visit some of the happiest rescue animals I have ever seen!

Today set a pretty high standard which tomorrow probably won't meet. 


  1. Wow you had such an awesome day....that's great, you lucky fish!

  2. At the permit meeting, the police told me and the other 3 organisations who were there for permits, that they'd prefer not to have demos during December because they are already stretched a bit thin with the increased crime over Christmas. Then the Sergeant said, "It's fine if it's just PETA, because they're no threat, but we might not be able to give the rest of you permission to march." :-p Totally made my day!!