Wednesday, December 8

Anti-Circus Demo 07-12-10

What a fun, fantastic demonstration today! I was so overwhelmed by the turnout. We had over 40 people, which was far more than we expected. Thank you to everyone who came, brought friends, and did such a great job! Thank you also to everyone who dressed up as convicts - and to Pinnacle Digital Solutions for the posters and banner - the visual was fantastic.  

The news outlets who came were the Star, and Fourways Review. There was also a photographer from EPA. Please let me know if you see the demo in any of the media! 

Radio presenters Grant and Anele (5FM) apparently talked about how terrible the circus is, and gave the information about the demo on their show! Some people showed up because they had just heard about the demo on the radio, and decided to join us at the last minute! 

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