Sunday, December 12

CLAW Goodwill Christmas Carnival

Every year, the good people at CLAW put on a Carnival for the underprivileged children of Durban Deep, and surrounding areas. For just one day, the Cecil Payne Stadium in Roodepoort is transformed into an exciting fete, with clowns, a wizard, jumping castles, balloons and face-painting! 

My friends and I hosted our own stall, where the 780 children who attended could play fun games and win great prizes! 

We had treasure chests, where the children wore blindfolds and dug for fun prizes: 

A hula hooping contest: 

Musical statues: 

Fortunately, it didn't rain until the Carnival was over! I guess the Universe decided it wouldn't be fair to ruin the day! 

Cora Bailey, founder of CLAW, said: "The kids loved it!! For most of them its the only day out of squalor all year. They start asking about it early in the year. Bus trip, food, games, presents - loads of stuff we take for granted. Its not possible to host a day like this without the help of others." To make a donation to CLAW, click here

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