Saturday, February 12

Jane's Journey

On Tuesday evening I had the privilege of attending the premier of Jane's Journey: a documentary telling the story of Jane Goodall's amazing life and dedication to chimpanzees. 

The premier was a fundraiser for the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). They sold toy chimpanzees (Yes, I bought one), calendars (that too), and some of Goodall's books (I've already read those). The caterers sadly failed to provide vegetarian food, which is rather silly considering that Goodall is a strict vegetarian. However, considering that Cinema Nouveau provided the catering and the movie-screening for free, I think we can forgive that oversight. 

JGI member talked about a recent expedition to the Central African Republic. JGI sent a team to the CAR to collect a chimpanzee named Claude from a desolate life in a zoo, and brought him back to Chimp Eden. During the expedition a power change in the CAR caused political problems for the team, who eventually had to break Claude out of the zoo so that the South African Air Force could bring them all back. The story was incredibly inspirational. You can read more incredible JGI stories here.  

Click here to view the website and the amazing work that they do, 

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