Sunday, March 20

Bapsfontein: Help Needed!

Tragedy has struck Bapsfontein again. Just weeks after people lost their possessions in the floods, they are being forcibly removed by the army. Some people’s homes are even being demolished in their absence. (One family was at a funeral when their shack was torn down.) Once the shacks are bulldozed, people are loaded onto trucks with their possessions and relocated.

To make matters worse, people are not allowed to take their companion animals with them. They are forced to abandon their animals, who flee into the veld when they are frightened by the trucks. CLAW has been working day and night to trap these abandoned animals and get them to safety. There are thousands of terrified, starving animals who need to be rescued!

CLAW has reported that some animals are inside the shacks when they are demolished. One cat was trapped under a pile of rubble, where she had to give birth. CLAW found her, and her litter of newborn kittens, just in time!

There are so many more stories like this. These are the reports from CLAW:
  • Mother dogs refusing to leave babies, even though they were terrified of the trucks.
  • One mother cat brought us her baby.
  • Another one stayed in shack that was being demolished - with her new babies.
  • A proud mother hen did her best to keep her ten chicks safe from trucks and bulldozers.
  • Another mother cat gave birth in a shack that was demolished around her!
  • We heard one kitten crying, and then found four, and the mother too. She was under an old bookcase!

These animals need to go into foster homes, and need to be adopted. CLAW is not a shelter, but a clinic, and does not have space for all these animals. Please consider giving a home to one of these animals who really deserve the best! To find out about fostering and adopting, please call CLAW on 011 763 1638 or 072 642 0850.

You can also make a donation to CLAW for all the work they are doing! Click here for information on how to donate. To keep updated on what is happening in Bapsfontein, please join CLAW's facebook group here


  1. Please post to my page I will always share for you I also foster for CLAW

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