Wednesday, March 23


We found this kitty a week ago. She is extremely friendly and loving, but noone has come forward to claim her. We need to home her asap. She is being spayed and getting her shots tonight! She is about 4 months old. 

She was definitely not a stray, and is used to people! We think she was dumped because she needed a hernia operation. She is having her hernia operation at the same time as her spay though! 

She'll be ready to go to her new home in a couple of days! Spayed, inoculated, micro-chipped and hernia-free! 

Strict application process and home check will apply.   

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  1. Kitty has already found a home! :-) She has had her hernia op, been spayed, microchipped and had all her shots! Now she can recover from her surgery in her new home, and settle in! I am so happy for her! ♥ If anyone else wants a kitten though, CLAW has rescue kittens who urgently need homes!