Friday, January 7

Fantastic Non-Spill Dog Bowl: The Road Refresher!

Lucy Elizabeth really loves to play in water: the sprinkler, the swimming pool, and her water bowl! 

It's so cute to watch, but it gets very messy! I worry that the dogs will be without water if there is noone home for a few hours, because Lucy has spilled all their water! 

Enter the Road Refresher: an ingenious non-spill dog bowl that can even be used in the car! The Road Refresher has a Velcro base which fixes the bowl to your carpet - even the car floor! - and comes with Velcro strips which you can use to attach the bowl to a tile or wood floor. 

Though she tried, Lucy could not move or tip the Road Refresher

The Road Refresher has a floating plate inside which feeds enough water through for Lucy to drink at all times, yet immediately restricts the flow whenever there is a surge of water from car travel, or when it is kicked or shoved. 

Lucy Elizabeth now uses her water bowl just for drinking! 

You can buy your very own Road Refresher from me for just R120! For every Road Refresher sold, I will donate R20 to the Sandton SPCA! Click here to email me to order your Road Refresher today! 

For more information about the Road Refresher, and to view testimonials, click here

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  1. What an interesting concept for a non spill bowl! I especially like the part where you're helping the local SPCA! Rock on! I already have a non spill dog bowl, but if I didn't I'd probably look into yours more!