Thursday, October 28

Noise Pollution

On 5 November people around the world celebrate a plot by Guido Fawkes to blow up the British Parliament. The importance of saluting someone who tried to kill a bunch of people in another country 400 years ago has always eluded me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's terrorism! Even more concerning is that people celebrate by letting off fireworks in residential areas, terrorising domestic and wild animals for miles. Terrified birds abandon their nests, dogs jump through closed windows, and cats run through the streets and are hit by cars. The stories are endless

To avoid disaster please keep your dogs and cats inside during the evenings and nights leading up to, and following 5 November. Speak to your vet about a sedative for them, and play soothing music and/or some kind of white noise (such as a fan). Click here for more things you can do for your companion animals. 

Please don't buy fireworks, or set them off anywhere. Boycott events that show fireworks too. 

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  1. I think the point is to celebrate the fact that Fawkes did not succeed in his plan of blowing up parliament. But you're right that people should stop with the fireworks now. They're pretty but it's just not worth it when they cause so much pain and anguish.